The story behind Value on Board

We serve our clients with 30+ years of business experience and fast solutions.

How we started

Our co-founder Roland has been working with enterprises and startups for many years after exiting one of the most prominent price comparison sites in the CEE region. His vision is to bring a 21st century solution to businesses with complex needs

Our values

We bring the agile mindset into enterprise projects. We believe in providing quality without the rigid software development best practices.

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Fast time-to-value

We're rolling out complex projects in weeks instead of years if custom development.

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Our platform is ready to adapt quickly and efficiently to new market trends and to your changing needs.

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Our zero trust architecture makes ot possible for you to use cutting-edge technology without any security risk.

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We can create limitless combination of workflows fully tailored to your business needs.

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Ease of use

The platform is designed to be intuitive, requiring no technical expertise to operate, thereby enabling a focus on business needs over technicalities.

Meet our founders

When business meets tech great things come to life.