Take your market research to the next level

Get insights from your clients' market in a structured way with a built-in prioritization for laser thorough targeting.


Powerful features for data-driven agencies

Intuitive platform

Ready to use platform incorporating Value Proposition Design's main principles to gain customer insights in a structured way.

Built-in competitor analysis

See how your potential customers struggle with your competitors' product and target them with your solution.

Market needs prioritozed

Differentiate must haves from nice to haves easily to create campaigns and headlines that engage the target audience.

Put your client on the map

Provide competitive advantage to your clients, find their uniqueness on the market with our platform easily.

Built-in lead generation

While you're researching your client's market you can collect the early adaptor potential customers at the same time.

Dazzle the market with a chat survey

A mobile optimized way of doing surveys that's almost 3x more effective.


Simple process, amazing results

The platform guides you, all you have to do is put in your preconceptions about the market.

Get started 

1. Composing Buyer Profile

Set up a profile about potential customers with their segmentation criteria and possible challenges and expectations.

2. Engaging with a chat survey

An automatically generated chat survey based on the Buyer Profile info. You can customize the style and content to match it to your client's brand.

3. Mapping the solution to market needs

Discover your client's niche by mapping their solution to market needs and see where they can be unique.

4. Built-in analytics with highlights

An automatically generated full report of the market highlighting the biggest problems and expectations of potential customers, your client's most important solutions and USPs.


Be the innovator, provide a unique service to clients

In this day and age we spend almost half our days on our phones. Why not do surveys on our phone too?

With our built-in chat survey module you can engage respondents, capture leads and make researching a fun process.

Mobile optimized
3x higher completion rate
Insane lead signup rates
Start today 

Hear what our amazing customers say


"Reached yearly targets early"

We did performance marketing campaigns based on the research data gained from Value on Board. We reached our partner's yearly revenue targets in July with this approach.

Istvan Racz
CEO at ROIworks

"Recover from Covid loss in two weeks"

Due to the chat display, our survey had surprisingly great completion rates. Amazing support, quick solutions. With a research-based marketing communication, we’ve got back our ‘pre-covid’ daily lead signup rate in less than two weeks.

Norbert Lesko
Owner, CEO at MiniCRM

"25% lead signup rate from our B2B research"

After just a week we collected an amazing number of leads and with 10 of them we were able to sign a deal almost immediately. We're now using Value on Board with all of our assignments to understand our customer's market.

Eliza Biro
Founder of Presales