Launching overseas πŸŽ‰ β€’ US, here we come 🀩

We launched, so take our limited offer while you can! πŸŽ‰πŸ€—

It's been a long journey but worth every second

We've started with the mission to help startups grow and avoid the likely pitfalls of not targeting the right market or not having a clear solution to their market's needs.

We've done tons of alpha testing, beta testing, live user tests and projects with local hungarian startups to match our software to their needs. We were so happy that they loved it. Every time once they realized what this software was they were like "Oh sh..t, we need that 😱" The "aha" moment was always guaranteed.

So we went on with market research projects and businesses started to find us. But not startups as we planned, it was the multinational, large enterprises who were interested in our services the most. Obviously we didn't say no, the more diverse experience with our software the better.

Proof of concept

We had many market research and analytics projects working together with a digiat agency partner of ours we got instant feedback of the "aftermath" of the research as well.

β€œWe did performance marketing campaigns based on the research data gained from Value on Board. We reached our partner's yearly revenue targets in July with this approach.” - Steve from ROIworks Inc.


So we had proof that it works but Steve and his team got us covered in Hungary so we could focus on our true passion, helping startups grow in the US.

Present day

After a brief early access campaign overseas, we relaunched our product better and cooler looking than ever πŸ€©πŸ€—.

So from July Value on Board is available for startups who want to get to know their market and create a safe go-to-market strategy and really any business that want to launch or relaunch or refine their communication strategy.


Our limited offer

We'd like to thank all the businesses for trusting us and signing up for Value on Board, so to show our gratitude we're offering a 50% voucher which is available until 31st of August.


The voucher code is: SECRET21