November 19, 2019


Spirit behind the CEO

I have to say I’m very interested in the observer spirit behind every human role. We’re playing many different roles in our lives for eg. in an office we are clients, in school we’re students, in the doctors’ office we’re patients, at home we’re fathers, mothers and children, and in many cases we are startuppers who create a business to redeem the world.

Just like in case of any human relationship in case of a business we put our personalities into it which sooner or later will shape the culture of our company. What happens? During our upbringing, we learned a bunch of patterns, habits which we later form into beliefs that will define our everyday lives. Our patterns which we learned from our parents will shape the attitude to our colleagues in the workplace as well. If we are the leaders of the company than we will drive the company into situations that are encoded into our belief system.

What do I mean? I’ll try to clear this with an example.

Behind the performance

Let’s say one of your parents were very attached to you. You meant everything to him/her and he/she wanted to control your every step but at the same time he/she wanted you to succeed in your life. Lots of people in this situation try to escape into something or just run away. For eg. doing sports or learn new trades just to be free from the constant control and of course to give the parents what they want by presenting achievements Later these people will escape into work especially if in their romantic relationship they chose a partner whose personality is quite similar to on their parents’. People in these situations are often obsessed with work who are on the call at night as well and are defined by this mentality. Typically as a result of this situation, a business of this person can never succeed but never fails either. This limbo will generate more and more work and justify all the extra work. Since these type of people find “too much work” as a value worth to follow they expect the same attitude from their employees as well which will become the culture or the trend of the company.

For a CEO his company is where he can live the life situation caused by his belief system to realize and understand its defects. Realizing and understanding these defects he can try to improve himself and find a solution to the “delusions” encoded into his personality. This is an aspect of the workplace that is there all the time but still often overlooked.

If we realize this as a CEO other colleagues can help us. They joined the company either because they have a similar attitude or because they use this attitude as a mirror. However, often times soon after they finally look into this mirror they leave the company.

Either because they didn’t like what they saw or because they understood the meaning of it in their lives and they didn’t need further experience in that field. Either way, these things are constant feedbacks for the leader who should learn from them.

Of course, it is also very important to create value and an impact with our product or service but we must not forget that we are humans who were born here to find the observer spirit who just wants to explore, and experience through these games we call life.

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