April 22, 2019


Unique Value Proposition instead of Unique Selling Point

In the last couple of months I’ve heard from numerous startups that ‘this and that are my USPs’. Usually they call some kind of innovation USP when they approach a certain market or field in a different way. In other cases they just simply think that their product/service gives something that their competitors can’t and that’s what they call a USP.

Problem is that we tend to call something a USP that we find awesome but in best case that something is merely a benefit. And if we look into our competition a bit more thoroughly we’ll see that they already have that special something in a different version.

What’s more important is that it is completely irrelevant what makes us different from our competitors. What really counts is what is it that we, and only we give as a solution to the biggest expectations and problems of our target audience.

All the other is just bullshit and we only kid ourselves by saying how different we are. Usually nobody else cares.

How can we find our USPs and what’s more important how to find our competition’s?

First we have to know the expectations, challenges and problems of our target audience. We can find these with a market research and analysis. In our solution (Value on Board) we describe these with a customer profile that is based on Value Proposition Design with and addition of priorities so we’ll instantly see where to focus and what problems we absolutely must solve.

Then we do the Value Map step which basically means that we map our solution to the pains, gains and jobs defined previously in the customer profile. As a result we get the solutions that solve the biggest problems of our target audience. Actually that is our Value Proposition.

As a last step we do this round with each of our competitors’ solutions and we compare the results with ours. The point where we are the only ones that gives a solution to one of the biggest problems of the market that is a Unique Value Proposition (UVP).

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