September 12, 2018



This usually comes up at those businesses who are in the first phases of shaping the company. This applies especially at those where more founders are involved.

So what’s the issue? It’s your company’s Why. This why is the reason founders embarked upon the journey of building a business out of an idea. Some of them are seduced by the whole ecosystem of startups, some of them want to impact on the world and some just want a quick way to get rich or get a title like being ‘CEO’.

You know the saying that we’re in the same boat but are we paddling in the same direction too? It’s not rocket science to figure out that if your motivations as co-founders are not at least alike strategic decisions are going to be harder than they should be. What’s more you won’t understand each other. You won’t understand why you don’t think the same.

It’s good to spend some time together and figure out a mutual company why that aligns with all the founders’ personal whys.

Don’t think of this as some sentimental useless idea. This will be the soul of your business. This will help you later to decide if a new employee can be a good fit, can they be a part of your company why (beyond the professional fit).

Do you know your co-founders’ whys? What’s yours?

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