The #1 reason why startups fail: "no market need" source: CBINSIGHTS

Value on Board helps understand the market needs in order to find your unique value proposition, prioritize what to build and boost your sales. An easy-to-use professional business design software for an affordable price.

Who we build this for


MVP is ready

No money to scale

No results to show 

Hard to raise capital


Already went through

Help avoid pitfalls

Clients messed up

Learn in order to help


New product line

Be competitive

Act like a startup

Team work


Companies who already know what their market needs


How Value on Board works

"personalised communication"

Understand the market needs

Our intelligent chat-based market research tool supports qualitative and quantitative researches.

You don't have to know your market yet because the system's built-in business logic automatically generates a survey for you.

In the end, you'll have a full customer profile highlighting the most important needs of your market that you have to focus on.

"Don’t fall in love with your solution. Fall in love with the problem your customers are trying to solve."

Brad Smith President & CEO of Intuit

Prioritise what to build

Find the most important JOBS your customers are trying to get done, PAINS that make harder or prevent your customers to get their job done and GAINS that your customers expect or desire if their pains are relieved.

Value on Board helps you create a product or service that your market truly needs. 



"You don't find customers for your products. You find products for your customers."


Seth Godin

Boost your sales

Once you've done your research not only you'll know what your market needs but you'll also be able to generate leads.

Then you can have a full profile of your new leads as they completed your survey and gave you information about themselves.

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Ready to 

build the right product or service?

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