Pay once for a canvas; use it for a lifetime.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is in the free plan?

In the free plan you can access all the features and go through the whole market research and solution map process. However when analyzing your data you'll only see results based on 15 survey responses.

How long can I access my data?

Since we only have one time fee type of plans you can access your purchased data without any time limit.

How many users does each plan contain?

Since Value on Board is built for teams each plan has unlimited user invite possibility without any further charges.

What do you mean by lifetime fee?

When you create a research and want to see more than 15 survey responses you can choose from our canvas plans. This means you can purchase your canvases for a one time fee instead of a monthly subscription.

Can I invite others to collaborate?

Yes, you can invite your colleagues or clients for each market canvas that you've created. Invited users can have comment or editing rights depending on your settings.

How can I pay?

Currently you can pay online through paypal. After submitting your billing info, we'll email you the invoice.