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Value Proposition Design based research

VPD is a framework that aims to reduce the risk of uncertainty by discovering what your market's biggest motivations, problems and desires. With this at hand you can create a product or service that customers want.

We created a software that incorporates this framework and uses a chat based survey to discover your customers' strongest emotions. Our goal is to help you find your unique value proposition.


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Chat based survey for better results

In this day and age we spend almost half our days on our phones. Why not do surveys on our phone too?

Value on Board generates the chat survey for you automatically. All you have to do is customize it to your taste. Engage your respondents, use humour, GIFs, emojis.

Effort based segmentation

How much effort does your potential customer put into solving their problem? The more the better for you! We're looking for those potential customers who tried to solve problems but encountered some difficulties.

With our effort based segmentation you'll see the potential customers who tried some other solutions before but they're unsatisfied. With the built-in competitor analysis you'll know what is your unique value proposition.


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New leads instantly

Be prepared that doing a market analysis with Value on Board means that you'll receive new leads as well. But not just leads.

You'll have a full profile for each one of the leads from the research so you'll know exactly what to say to them to make a new sale.
"Due to the chat display, our survey had surprisingly great completion rates. Amazing support, quick solutions. With a research-based marketing communication, we’ve got back our ‘pre-covid’ daily lead signup rate in less than two weeks."
Norbert Lesko, CEO

Well known brands have put their trust in our product


Engage your potential customers and respond to their needs.

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