Olvass azoktól az ügyfeleinktől, akik először szkeptikusok voltak, aztán a chatbot teljesítménye lenyűgözte őket.

Customer Acquisition

Solar Kit Hungary

"After a test, the numbers convinced us that our website visitors were converting well from the chatbot. Fast response time and personalized instant advice for which we work with them."

Marcell Tóth, COO, co-owner
Customer Acquisition

Márton Elek

"Asking customers for information has always been a torment. In a pilot study with Valuebot, we were able to collect 4,400 leads fully automatically. Now this solution can give companies as competitive an advantage as they have been using CRM for 10 years."

Márton Elek, Business tailor, "Bórháló" wine trade

EverDerm Laser Center

"We put together a complete, automated shopping process without the need for IT or a programmer. Almost all of the newcomers who opened it did our chat-based survey."

Tibor Slamovits, managing director

Bence Bíró

"With traditional questionnaire solutions, I would have put it on a sheet of research from dissertation writing students that people have had enough of. VBS is a modern, special solution. It hasn't been used by competitors yet, so it gives PR an advantage."

Bence Bíró, mental coach, author of the book Business Burnout Bible


"In the first week, we received 20 new inquiries out of a total of 80 fillings, 5 of which we immediately signed. That's why we started to apply them effectively to our own orders as well."

Eliza Bíró, founder
Customer Acquisition

ROIworks Zrt.

"It's like you're really talking to someone, waiting to see what the answer will be. We've replaced Typeform with VBS in 90% of our projects due to a 50% increase in conversion."

István Rácz, managing director

MiniCRM Zrt.

"Because of the chat look, it has a surprisingly good fill rate on mobile as well. Brutal good support, support, very fast solutions."

Norbert Leskó, managing director