What do you do?

I deal with business and life coaching, development as well as life counseling and psychological education.

What were you looking for a solution for asking for outside help?

I was looking for a double solution. On the one hand, I wanted to more accurately assess how I can best communicate my expertise over the years to my market. On the other hand, I was looking for clues to my newly published book.

Why was this a particularly big or non-trivial challenge?

I gave the title of my first book by heart, to my liking, but my market didn't like it that much. Now I wanted to give an address that they, too, would love to take off the shelf.

On the other hand, in the academic environment where I move, in the esoteric environment where I am also present, self-help, and in the business world, people all occur from my target audience, choosing completely different solutions to the same problem. And it is clear to everyone that only a solution in its own form is viable. I, on the other hand, as I call this service with many years of experience and training, may not be the same as what is formulated in their minds as the primary solution, as they are not as skilled in solving the problem as I am after all this time. The service is functional, but I also wanted to make the packaging more user-friendly.

What were your alternatives to solving the problem, what was the biggest advantage / disadvantage?

At first, I asked my friends and clients what was convenient, I did, but this is a very small sample, the bubble can be distorted. The next method would have been some kind of online questionnaire (e.g. a Google form). But they were so trite that I would have practically been on a page with the research of dissertation writing students that people are fed up with.

Why did you choose VBS?

A friend of mine I look up to in business definitely recommended this. Or because it can provide a much more positive experience than a plain questionnaire. When I saw that Valuebot was working with a chat bot, I was very happy because it is a modern, user-friendly, special solution used by few. Competitors haven’t used it yet, so PR also gives you an edge.

What was the expectation about VBS at first, what would have been the minimum you would have been satisfied with?

The minimum result for a party person to answer my questions should have a normal surface.

What is the result? Did you manage to exceed your expectations? If so, since?

Fortunately, more than 500 people responded to my questionnaire. What I really liked was that the internal interface was much smarter than a form, so I got more sophisticated information.

What was the biggest positive surprise?

After completing it, I realized how much uncertainty the information that was missing so far had been in previous years and how much it was missing to make the right decision. It caused a lot of stress. With the answers, however, I was able to understand several of the business mistakes of previous years, in addition to the hitherto unknown thinking processes in the market.