What do you do?

We deal with marketing strategy consulting and campaign planning and implementation.

What were you looking for a solution for asking for outside help?

I didn't look for a solution. As soon as I saw the first such questionnaire sent out by MiniCRM, I knew right away that it was a treasure. Asking customers for information has always been a torment. VBS changed that.

Why was this a particularly big or non-trivial challenge?

The systems I’ve dealt with so far have only been able to handle very silly forms. There was no possibility for logical branching, feedback, etc. The interface of VBS is clear, easy to edit and therefore easy to implement for any complex idea.

What alternatives did you have to solve the problems, what was the biggest advantage / disadvantage?

I have used MiniCRM forms, but in that case there is no such user experience and it is easy to lose the user, i.e. I can only get limited information from them.

Why did you choose VBS?

I don’t know of another option that would be so user-friendly, there would be integration with MiniCRM, and owners would give so much help with getting started.

What was the expectation about VBS at first, what would have been the minimum you would have been satisfied with?

To make it work. In comparison, he carried out the first trial research and data request smoothly without any problems, approx. 4400 leads were made this way completely automatically.

What is the result? Did you manage to exceed your expectations? If so, since? What was the biggest positive surprise?

They are loved by users, so my marketing heart is happy. Now this can give companies as much of a competitive advantage as 10 years of using CRM. I'm a little scared that it will spread very quickly. I have a lot of ideas and plans with you ...