What do you do?

We are a doctor aesthetic beauty salon. In Hungary, we are the only ones dealing with laser hair removal. This is our specialty.

What were you looking for a solution for asking for outside help?

We wanted to gather information and feedback from customers, and we needed a new solution.

Why was this a particularly big or non-trivial challenge?

Hair removal is a fairly sensitive topic, it is very difficult to gather related information over the phone or email and persuade clients to dare to talk openly with us.

In addition, we specifically target the younger generation with our service, so we had to ask customers for information in a way that they dare to answer honestly and that the younger age group also enjoys.

What alternatives did you have to solve the problems, what was the biggest advantage / disadvantage?

We tried the Facebook chatbot before, but it ended ugly. We posted a live chat on the website, but unfortunately it didn't work either. Visitors didn't respond, and if we wrote when we weren't available to chat, communication was lost and we couldn't keep them.

Why did you choose us?

We are definitely looking for something that is new technology, modern and youthful. It was important for us to have MiniCRM integration and good manageability so that I could put together even complete purchasing processes without the need for IT or programming. Also, since Instagram is one of our sources of customer acquisition, it was paramount that it goes well on mobile as well, looking good, since 99% of those who come from Intagram view the site on mobile. The classic questionnaires unfortunately look very silly on mobile.

What was the initial expectation for the Value Based Solution, what would have been the minimum you would have been satisfied with?

At first, I was wondering if I send out a chatbot questionnaire to our existing customers to see if they really fill out or get enough answers.

It was over 60% complete. We tried the same thing before with simpler forms, but there were only a few questions we could ask, so there was little return information.

What is the result? Did you manage to exceed your expectations? If so, since? What was the biggest positive surprise?

We are gaining new customers from Instagram, among others, but this is the harder track. We have incorporated the chatbot into this process, in which we have asked questions about what they choose a salon for, what is important to them. I thought they wouldn’t go through the questions, mainly because we asked at least 5-6 questions, including those to be answered freely.

Compared to that, who opened the chat survey did it almost all the way through, answered everything. It was a very strong achievement for us. We have seen that newcomers are very happy to answer questions in this form.‍