What does the company do?

Presales generates new B2B leads for startup startups. We work with unique solutions in each case, we compile the database with our own hands and highly qualified salespeople make cold calls, the aim of which is to gain as many customers as possible for our partners.

What were you looking for a solution for asking for outside help? Why was this a particularly big or non-trivial challenge?

I’ve been in sales for a very long time and I’ve noticed that in an efficient sales process, almost anything can be automated, each pitch is personalized and each solution is unique. Profiling was a particularly difficult task, as it took a lot of work for salespeople to qualify those interested individually. We are looking for an effective solution in this area, with which we know all the information about prospects at the moment of interest.

What alternatives did you have to solve the problems, what was the biggest advantage / disadvantage?

One of the obvious solutions was to hire database builders who researched and searched for publicly available information about the companies one by one. The advantage of this was that each request was made much more confident by the salespeople. And the biggest downside was human factors, no matter how many employees we hired, we had a hard time keeping up with the expected database sizes.

Why did you choose VBS? What was the expectation about VBS at first, what would have been the minimum you would have been satisfied with?

We offered the opportunity to start with a pilot program and test how this type of research / survey makes it easier for us to profile. In fact, we wanted to get new partners and assignments for ourselves. I’ll be honest, I was skeptical about how a research system would generate us inquiries, but it didn’t take long and my opinion completely changed when we had 20 new inquiries out of a total of 80 fills in the first week.

What is the result? Did you manage to exceed your expectations? If so, since? What was the biggest positive surprise?

Out of the 20 new entrants, we immediately signed with 5 partners, which actually fulfilled our plan for the given month. I am absolutely happy with it. That’s why we started applying it effectively to our own assignments. We continue to feel that there are segments where there is a more efficient solution, but in the type of service sector in which we are working, Valuebot is by far a very powerful tool.