What does your company do?

ROIworks is an exclusive e-commerce agency that typically deals with Performance marketing. After the installation of the campaign, we will provide continuous reports, which also includes business policy consulting.

What were you looking for a solution for asking for outside help?

We are basically looking for a solution for lead collection (inquiry collection). As a digital agency, we work with a number of major market players, so a modern digital look and uniqueness was essential when looking for the right tool. Also, since we work on the basis of a data-driven operating principle, it was very important to see the numbers and results immediately. That’s why we decided on chatbot solutions and then finally Valuebot.

Why was this a particularly big or non-trivial challenge?

I first dug myself deeper into the world of chatbots 3 years ago, then this market was a bit more rudimentary. It was virtually impossible to implement a chatbot without programming. Several chatbot solutions have now hit the market, but the fundamental challenge remains how to implement them into business processes without programming knowledge.

What alternatives did they have to solve the problems, what was the biggest advantage / disadvantage?

We used Typeform for a long time, with which we were able to achieve higher than average filling results (60-70%), but in appearance it did not fully meet our expectations. The modern digital look is extremely important to us. We also tested the Landbot solution, it was better than Typeform in appearance, but it still gave back more of the design elements of old times. We've seen that tried and tested chatbot solutions have more integration than Valuebot, but in terms of appearance and usability - which is more important to us - they are behind Valuebot.

Why did you choose VBS?

Valuebot met all our expectations. The image absolutely reflects the modern digital background. Without any programming knowledge, we were able to compile chat streams quickly and flexibly. It is far above other chatbot solutions, so users can enjoy it too. It’s like you’re really talking to someone, waiting to see what the answer will be when you press a button. 90% of our projects have replaced Typeform with Valuebot.

What was the expectation about VBS at first, what would have been the minimum you would have been happy with?

Numerically, our goal was to increase the conversion rates we brought with Typeform, and to gather interest from our Partners with an innovative tool.

What is the result? Did you manage to exceed your expectations? If so, since? What was the biggest positive surprise?

We've increased our conversions by 50% over our previous solutions. One of the positive surprises for me was when I put the first chat together, when I saw that not only in a simple question-and-answer structure, I put the data raw, but I can also “dress up” the chat, the whole user interface goes beyond the other solutions I know. Based on my previous experience with chatbots, it was also a surprise how easy and fast it is possible to structure questions and put the whole chat process together. And one of the biggest positive experiences is the speed of development of the Valuebot team, as new features are coming out very quickly that can be used to tune our chat bots even better.