What do you do?

Our heart's desire is energy-efficient, environmentally friendly real estate. Nationwide installation of solar systems, air conditioners, heat pumps with turnkey administration.

What alternatives did you have to solve the problems, what was the biggest advantage / disadvantage?

Self-developed lead generation question set and calculator ending in HubSpot form.

Why did you choose us?

We got a recommendation from the Valuebot team and despite my hesitations in the chat bots, we got tangible tips for the first time. After a test, the numbers convinced us that our website visitors were converting well from the chatbot. User-friendly interface, fast response time and personalized instant advice for which we work with Rolands. I worked at Google’s European headquarters for 4 years as a digital marketing specialist and export specialist, so I was lucky enough to have a lot of leadgen customers, and the Valuebot solution can be easily adapted to such websites. I find it excellent value for money.

What is the result? Did you manage to exceed your expectations? If so, since? What was the biggest positive surprise?

Chatbot, as a lead generation tool, works surprisingly well, and based on tests, we have even replaced it with our custom-developed calculator, because the process is fast, lifelike and customer-friendly. And Abackend is simple and logical, requires no developer knowledge.