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Implement enterprise-level SaaS solutions with unparalleled speed and efficiency in weeks instead of years

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How will your Value on Board project go?

Dedicating a consultant to each project we ensure maximum quality with an agile mindset. We don't sit on your project for years.

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1. Let us get to know your business

Our top tier consultant team will ask you to highlight the challenges you face in your current processes and map your business to provide the best solution.

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2. Agile time-to-market

In just a couple of weeks you'll get a solution fully tailored to your needs as we iterate during configuration instead of sitting on development for months or years.

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3. Get used to quick reaction

Expanding your business? Your market is changing? Finetune your processes in Value on Board within days, or open new functions to adapt quickly and efficiently.

Our unparalleled killer features

Dynamic board views

Managing extensive workflows and intricate business processes

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Customizable layouts
Versatile viewing options (table, chart, kanban, gantt, calendar, etc.)
Seamless transition between views
Customizable and personalizable

User defined dashboard

Allow for customization to display relevant metrics at a glance, aiding in faster decision-making and keeping everyone focused on what’s important

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Highly customizable
Easy to use & user-freindly
Real-time data integration
Support for multiple data sources

Event-based workflow

Managing complex campaigns and workflows, ensuring consistency, and improving overall operational efficiency

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Automated triggering
Customizable flows
Flexible access control
Streamlined board creation

Low-code entry points

Empower users to create custom solutions without extensive coding knowledge, speeding up development times and reducing dependency on technical staff

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Rapid development & deployment
Scalability & flexibility
Debugging & error handling

Integrated with

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Google Sheets

Google Docs

Libra invoicing



Microsoft Power BI

Different roles, seamless teamwork

Automate tasks, reports, views, workflows. All this tailored to user behaviour and roles.