AI supported flexible platform

End-to-end SaaS solutions built on
no-code platform

With our low-code/no-code platform, we quickly and efficiently create enterprise systems

End-to-end SaaS

100% tailored to the needs of our customers

Generally, during the development of a custom enterprise system, customers face the following three problems

Lack of technical knowledge

Our flexible platform allows us to create your business application simply and quickly, without having complex technical knowledge. In addition, our platform has integrated ChatGPT AI support, which opens up a new dimension in the analysis of collected information.

Achieving results in a short time

With the help of our no-code platform, you can quickly see results, you don't have to wait a long time for your own system to be ready. You can use the freed up time and energy to grow your business.

Flexibility and scalability

We make your enterprise system fully automated. You can customize the processes according to your needs, which are then automated by the platform. This not only promotes efficiency and saves resources, but also enables you to respond quickly and effectively to business challenges.

Our solution

Large-company precision, startup-like flexibility

Our results in numbers
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Market share growth
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About us

33+ years of experience in one product

Our founder, Roland Biró, has combined 33+ years of professional experience into a flexible system. As a SAP consultant, he worked on the construction of complex enterprise systems. He then founded Árukereső.hu, with which he reformed the e-commerce market. Value on Board combines the precision of a large company and the flexibility of a startup.

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Success stories

Our customers say

"The first surprise was how quickly everything was ready for the launch"

Due to the chat appearance, the completion rate is surprisingly good even on mobile. Brutally good support, support, very fast solutions.

Norbert Leskó
founder & owner

"Like you're actually talking to someone"

We use the Value on Board solution in 90% of our projects due to the 50% increase in conversion.

István Rácz
Executive Director

"Now this solution can give companies a competitive advantage like the use of CRM 10 years ago."

Asking customers for information has always been a pain. During a trial research with Valuebot, we managed to collect 4,400 leads completely automatically.

Márton Elek
Business Tailor

"Despite my initial skepticism, we received tangible tips already the first time"

I worked for 4 years at Google's European headquarters as a digital marketing specialist and export specialist, so I was lucky enough to work with a lot of leadgen-type solutions.

Marcell Tóth
Operational manager