Research-driven marketing strategy tool

for data-driven companies

Value on Board helps you find ready-to-buy potential customers and the right communication to target them.

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Value Proposition Design based marketing strategy

- for finding your niche
Laser thorough targeting & comminucation
- reach your yearly targets faster

A 360° view of your different customer segments and ready-to-buy target audience.
Chat based survey built for mobile use
- 85% completion rate

A mobile-optimized way of doing surveys that's almost 3x more effective.
New leads and everything there is to know about them
- boost your sales instantly

Generate new leads with a full profile. All you have to do is to offer them your solution to their problems.

Emotions drive people.

What do they desire? What motivates them? What are they afraid of? Discover your market's strongest emotions so you can offer the most valuable solution for them.

Value Proposition Deisgn

A framework that focuses on giving value.

Effort based segmentation

Characteristics of ready-to-buy leads.


Innovative way of market analysis.

New leads

Capture new leads instantly.
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"Due to the chat display, our survey had surprisingly great completion rates. Amazing support, quick solutions. With a research-based marketing communication, we’ve got back our ‘pre-covid’ daily lead signup rate in less than two weeks."
Norbert Lesko, CEO
created for mobile

Chat based survey to engage your respondents.

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