Fast-track your success with unmatched time-to-value

Experience the future of custom solutions delivered in weeks, not years, with our advanced no-code/low-code platform

Trusted by leading international brands

How will your Value on Board onboarding project go?

Dedicating a consultant to each project we ensure maximum quality with an agile mindset. We don't sit on your project for years, but deliver a usable software within weeks.

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1. Let us get to know your business

Your journey begins with a deep dive into your unique business needs. Our team collaborates with you to understand your objectives, map out your processes, and design a tailored solution that aligns with your strategic goals. Experience a hands-on, consultative approach that sets the foundation for your custom solution.

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2. Fast time-to-market

Transition from planning to action as our platform's no-code/low-code capabilities come to life. Watch your solution take shape with rapid, agile development cycles, allowing for real-time feedback and adjustments. Our intuitive interface and AI-driven tools ensure a perfect fit for your business, with minimal downtime and maximum efficiency

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3. Get used to quick reaction

Embark on your new operational journey with confidence as we support you through the go-live phase and beyond. Benefit from comprehensive training, seamless data migration, and continuous optimization. With Valueonboard, you're not just launching a solution; you're setting the stage for ongoing innovation and growth.

Our unparalleled product highlights

Dynamic board views

Managing extensive workflows and intricate business processes

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Customizable layouts
Versatile viewing options (table, chart, kanban, gantt, calendar, etc.)
Seamless transition between views
Customizable and personalizable

User defined dashboard

Allow customization to display relevant metrics at a glance, aiding in faster decision-making and keeping everyone focused on what’s important.

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Highly customizable
Easy to use & user-freindly
Real-time data integration
Support for multiple data sources

Event-based workflow

Managing complex campaigns and workflows, ensuring consistency, and improving overall operational efficiency

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Automated triggering
Customizable flows
Flexible access control
Streamlined board creation

Low-code entry points

Empower users to create custom solutions without extensive coding knowledge, speeding up development times and reducing dependency on technical staff

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Rapid development & deployment
Scalability & flexibility
Debugging & error handling

Integrated with

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Google Sheets

Google Docs

Libra invoicing



Microsoft Power BI

Different roles, seamless teamwork

Automate tasks, reports, views, workflows. All this tailored to user behaviour and roles.