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What does your target audience need?  •  What pains them the most?  •  What are they expecting from your product?  •  How to communicate with them?  •  How to target them in marketing?

Our market research service helps you find all the answers.

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Your time is precious, let us do the research for you!

Our goal is to free you from the burden of conducting a complex market research. We do all the work, all we ask from you is 2-4 hours of your time to help us understand your target audience and business model. We'll take care of the rest.

We learn your business fast

We ask you

  • questions to discover the goal of the research

  • about your current market position compared to your competition

  • about your target group segments - breaking down your target audience into smaller more comprehensible and definable groups

We conduct the reseraches

The main goal of our Value Proposition Design based research method is to find the problems and challenges that your target audience feels the most painful and for which you need to provide a solution with your product.

  • Qualitative research - focus group, in-depth interviews, free-word chat based research

  • Quantitative research - chat-based online survey

We analyze the results
  • You'll get the answers to your questions and a direction to develop your solution

  • Biggest challenges and requirements of your target audience for your product to meet

  • Leads with a full profile and who are ready to buy (lead capture)

The software we use

We use in-house developed software to conduct researches that combines internationally acknowledged frameworks. Due to its built-in research features, we can define the exact target group segments and their specifics.

The chat based survey engages the user thus providing a much higher completion rate. You can also collect leads at the end of the survey since on average 80% of the participants subscribe, but the fun part is that you'll not only have subscribers but subscribers with a full profile about their expectations and challenges which you can use to target your  offers with laser precision.

What do you get at the end of the research project?

A full picture of your target market and its members. An exact guide of how to finetune your product/service to serve the needs of your target audience completely.


At this point, your sales and marketing communication won't be in the hands of fate or testing. You'll see clearly your most powerful messages that you need to deliver to your target groups.

PR. The results of such research project have enormous PR value. You can use the results in articles or business blogs to promote your brand.

Leads. The other advantage of our chat-based survey besides the high completion rate is that the engagement is much higher in the lead capture part of the survey. This way we can deliver leads to you with a full profile whom you can reach out to instantly with an offer.

Request pricing to your needs so we can help you get to know your target audience better!

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